Early development of VR Titties- Virtual reality game dgt-transport.de?ty=h Hey guys leave a like and subscribe. This video. You can download and play the game now from here. The latest version is in a folder called experimental builds. dgt-transport.de The latest Tweets from Gladstone Gaming (@VRtitties). VR game developer, artist. dgt-transport.de dgt-transport.de New Zealand. Vibro collision alerts for both wands too, perhaps useful for haptic feedback. It is because the physics are trying to go back to the animation but you are sticking a thing inside her. You'd just need to keep your controller to the side of you so it matched up with your real one. Thanks for the suggestions beef! I really like all the new editions to the Vive controls. Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic. The Vive updates worked great for me! Unreal Engine or Unity for a beginner starting out in VR software development? Buy gold for yourself to gain access to extra features and special benefits. The head shouldn't deform at all unless slapping her silly is good? You will get a faster computer for cheaper. The black screen occurred when I loaded desktop scene at least one other scene and I hit the return to menu button on the right hand vive controller. I restarted the computer and from then on it opened in VR like expected and all was good. Give gold to thank exemplary people and encourage them to post more. vrtitties Try make it mirror what is played through the headphones. We have released 4 new versions in the last month. If you want to play this with Hydra controllers, start the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode. The head shouldn't deform at all unless slapping her silly is good? Logged Reply Print Pages: For some reason the way to use them was a bit different to how the Vive vibration worked. So you essentially would be doing some form of "penis puppetry" where your actual penis matched up with the VR one, as long as you kept your controller oriented the same distance you started with.